ZFS storage recording

Hi I just installed BC docker version on Debian. I tried to set recording to a zfs mirror pool but web gui will lock up then I have to restart the docker . I recently started using Linux so very new I did chmod the directory to 777 but no luck . What did I miss ? Thanks

You could be running into the same problem as this (Bluecherry Check dir permission script hang) that other docker users are having. We are currently looking into this problem. You could install Ubuntu 22.04 and use the package version install and this problem will not occur.

Thanks for the quick response, Can I setup as VM and also be able to transfer license?

You can easily setup as a VM, or even an LXC image if you know how to do that.

You can release the key yourself by going into the original install and telling it to. Then use the key in your new install and it should work.

Just finished setting up the VM with BC . Everything seams to be working well . Just curious will there be a installer for debian 12 ?

We are working on Ubuntu 24.04 now, then Debian 12!