Can't login and restarting services doesn't help

I’ve setup a test system on a spare desktop running Ubuntu 20.04 and bluecherry 3.1.0-rc4 from the deb/repo. Initially testing looked fairly good and it’s been running for a few weeks. I tried to login today via the web UI and I can’t get past the login screen. I put in the user name and password, press enter, and green button changes to “loading…” and that’s all that happens.

Looking at the login request via devtools in my browser, the server never responds.

I’ve done a full reboot as well as restarted nginx.service, bluecherry.service, and php7.4-fpm.service with no luck. I am able to connect to the default nginx on port 80 and it loads the page.

Any suggestions of what to try next?

So no suggestions at all…