Why are event emails sent?

I’ve noticed that Bluecherry v3 sends quite frequent emails with the subject “Event on device [camera name] on server Bluecherry DVR v3” with an event screenshot but I’ve been unable to identify what’s triggering these emails to be sent. There’s no indication in the emails about why they are sent. I currently have two cameras configured with continuous recording but no motion detection.

“Email notifications” is configured with a rule to send emails and I’m aware that I can easily suppress them but I’m curious about what’s triggering the emails.

Got my Bluecherry server up and running yesterday, and am experiencing the same frustration. Lots of emails, but no indication of the event type, and no way in the Notification rules to filter.

What I am able to determine, is that I’m getting notifications for each of my cameras starting a new continuous recording (emails are every 15 minutes, for every camera, which matches my continuous recording duration). I haven’t received any events for motion or other events, but I wouldn’t know, since its not indicated in the email.

Is it possible to configure this with more fidelity outside of the web interface? Or is there any capability to customize the email message template?

I would like to get email notifications, I just don’t want every. single. one.

Maybe this has been addressed in Version 3?

A rather late follow-up for anyone interested:

When the server sends emails with the subject “Event on device…”, it really means “Motion event on device…”. The subject of these emails can be changed to insert the word “Motion” and make the meaning clearer by editing /usr/share/bluecherry/www/lib/mailer.php

There does seem to be an issue in that the server sends motion-detected emails even if motion detection is switched off in the device’s “Motion detection settings”. A workaround is to edit mailer.php further to suppress emails for particular cameras depending on the value of $device[0][‘device_name’].