What is default storage directory path

When setting up a server (Debian 10) I usually setup file storage on a separate (lvm2) larger hard drive. I would like to know the defaylt file path where Bluecherry stores the video files. For example, user files are stored in /home. Bluecherry video (mkv?) files are in /somewhere/video? I realize that there can be some adjustment after installation thru “Server Admin Configuration → Storage” but, I would like to know the default path before I install? I found “Adding USB External Drive Directory as Storage” but I am not sure it answers my question.

The default location is /var/lib/bluecherry/recordings

The default permissions is owned by bluecherry with no read / write access to anyone outside the bluecherry group. If you need to access these files from a non-root account or from outside the client you need to add your account to the bluecherry group.