Video Playback oddities

First off, the time in the docker container is set to UTC, instead of the local timezone. This makes it difficult to locate the CORRECT recording.

Secondly, I am getting an error “resource not found” when trying to playback the videos in the Web UI. I am able to download the videos just fine and they play great in VLC. I’m going to have to try the native client on my computer.

Wondering what could be the issue? The videos are stored on a local hard drive, and permissions seem to be ok. I have also pulled the latest docker updates for BlueCherry about an hour ago, with no difference.

In Settings -> do you have VAAPI turned on? If so, try settings that to disable.

VAAPI is disabled, as there is no onboard Intel video on this system. Live Playback works great, BTW.

Does playback the video work in the client? Are the cameras H.264 or H.265? Are you using v2 or v3?

I’m using the Docker Image, so version 3. Up to date as of yesterday.
All Cameras are using H.264.

I don’t have any other computers here. Only my iPhone & iPad. I tried using the client at my Parent’s home, but Video didn’t work at all on the client. I came home and checked the port forwards on my router, and found I had only 7001 forwarded, but not 7002. I fixed that now, but will need some more time to go back to my parent’s home to check whether client software works or not.

Okay. Do you have substreaming enabled for each camera? If so, is there a path listed for the substream?

[ ] Use substream for live view

No, and for what it’s worth, the videos seem to record just fine, as I am able to download them to my iPad and play them in VLC with no issues.

Also, did you see the first sentence in my original post?

Update: I just realized something! The video doesn’t play natively in my web browser. If I select to download the video, and then view the download on my iPad using the native player, the video doesn’t play. It only works in VLC. I suspect this is part of THAT issue.

Yes, I’ll work on that.

Right, so I’m not having any issues with Live view. I never was. The issue only occurs in recorded video. Incidentally, I am having the same symptoms on your V3 demo. Live View works fine, but can’t play recorded video.

My recordings on all cameras are motion triggered.

Sorry, I wasn’t following…but I am now.

I see the problem also on iOS. We recently updated some of the playback in 3.0.3, let me see if I can reproduce this on an older version to see if this bug is a regression.

Find anything useful?

I haven’t had time to look at this, hopefully in the next few days.

I understand. You’re managing a big project, with a limited budget, while trying to support users who want support, but are mostly too cheap to buy a support license, while trying to police an untamed user forum, give spammers the “boot”, and still maintain some semblance of sanity.

I wondered as to the status. I got the status.

Thank you for all you do.

Wow, that is very kind of you :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to write that.

Can you try adding this volume to docker-compose.yml and see if this resolves the issue

  - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
  - "/etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro"

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml stop
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml rm
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml start

Yes, I saw that in another post, and already added the two volumes. I also brought the container down and back up again. That does fix the timezone issue. I don’t see any change in video playback. However, I’m not familiar with ‘docker-compose rm’. I might have to try that. I’m guessing that removes the cached container, causing a subsequent recreation upon using the start command?

Update: first two commands work fine (stop, rm), however, I was unable to start again, because the containers were missing!

Issuing ‘docker-compose up -d’ was able to get it going again.

great! Did that fix the problem?

It fixed the time display. Still can’t play recordings on iOS devices.


iOS playback requires some additional coding for the web front end, hopefully fixed in 3.0.6.