Version 3.0.014 not stable

Hi, I had the beta version before but for whatever reason it timed out. I an on the reg version and it is lacking greatly. If I change from 1 camera to 2 camera view I need to refresh the cameras for them to come up. I cannot view history at all and play it back. Is there something on my server that is missing or is it the limitation of the app?

To confirm the TestFlight version was working fine, and the most recent version on the app store is lacking?

Test flight was still flaky, but the recent version is no good. If I remember correctly I was able to replay past events and did not need to reload all screens.

Thanks. We are uploading 3.0.017 now. If you still have the testflight link it should be up soon.

I don’t seem to have that link, if you can send it to me that would be fantastic.

Sorry, we had some build complications with XCode 15, those are resolved now.