VAAPI hardware acceleration issue

I’ve noticed the following message show up in the logs:

Jun 29 10:50:32 kaiju bc-server[1194]: W(): VAAPI device /dev/dri/renderD128 does not exist or is not readable to bluecherry, hardware acceleration is not available

For some reason, Bluecherry states it is unable to use VAAPI hardware acceleration for decoding. But I must say that CPU usage is pretty low despite resorting to software decoding. The bc-server process consumes around 0.4% CPU when viewing two 720p substreams live on the browser. Currently, no motion detection or recording is being done. So I’m not sure if it’s somehow able to use hardware accelerated decoding despite the message in the logs, or if this level of CPU usage is expected even when using software decoding.

FYI, I have an i5-12600 processor and been able to successfully use VAAPI decoding in other video surveillance software I tested before Bluecherry, such as Shinobi and Agent DVR. I am also able to successfully use VAAPI decoding/encoding in command line calls to FFMPEG. So I don’t suspect the VAAPI drivers on my computer are faulty in any way.

Would you have any ideas what may be going on here?

ls -al /dev/dri/renderD128

id bluecherry

% ls -al /dev/dri/renderD128
crw-rw----+ 1 root render 226, 128 Jun 29 10:50 /dev/dri/renderD128
% id bluecherry
uid=998(bluecherry) gid=997(bluecherry) groups=997(bluecherry),29(audio),44(video)

Try adding bluecherry to the render group.

sudo adduser bluecherry render

You da man! Worked like a charm.

Jun 29 11:39:00 kaiju bc-server[1247]: I(): Initialized render node /dev/dri/renderD128 for VAAPI hardware acceleration