Ubuntu 22.04 BlueCherry 3.1.0-rc6: reboot issue and Live view issues

Just upgraded from 2 to 3, I did a server wipe and a clean install of Ubuntu 22.04 than ran the CURL BlueCherry install.

I am running in a Proxmox VM cluster with the VM Specs:
64gig mem
16 cores (Host CPU)
32 gig boot with a 3T video storage disc attached

First I am having the [Could not connect: [111 ] Connection refused] issue every reboot, but it does correct the issue if I restart the service.

Second the Live view will not hold the camera layout every time I either load the page or refresh the page I have to redo the layout and camera selection.

Third the Camera feeds in the live view will just stop at random and I have to reselect the camera as reloading the page will wipe out the layout.

Since it doesn’t seem possible to use the web view I tried to use the Client, and it does work, but the Video quality is so low that its not really suitable for monitoring on a large format monitor, not sure if I am just missing something in the client setup to control quality but I am running 4k Camera’s and I can barely make out items moving around the view point area.

-Dustin T

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Regarding the live view in the client, by default the client uses the sub stream of the camera to reduce bandwidth and cpu usage. You can go into each camera and change the resolution of the secondary / sub stream to a higher resolution.

can the client be changed to you the main stream? the sub stream on these camera’s are just really low and I don’t have an option to match the quality of the main stream

You can disable the ‘use substream for live view’ in the Bluecherry admin / devices page:

Yea that check box is already unchecked, could I replace the substream path with the main stream?

You can, however if the box is unchecked we should only use the main stream. Can you try switching to the main stream in the sub stream and see if that resolves the issue?

doesn’t make any change, just noticed I don’t think the Client is even using the Sub view when I look at the Camera’s sub view I can make out the time stamp and other labels and the sub view is visibly squished as its lower bits.

Camera Sub stream Live view
BlueCherry Client view
BlueCherry Web live View

The next time this happen can you attach the output of these:

The next time this happens can you run:

​cat /proc/meminfo

and a screenshot or output of ‘htop’ (preferred method below):

sudo apt install htop aha html2text
echo q | htop -C | aha --line-fix | html2text -width 999 | grep -v “F1Help” | grep -v “xml version=” > file.txt

Ok, can you try the latest (beta) of the Version 3 client to see if the resolution issue is better, the same, or worse?