Time lapse recording

First an intro. The alias Cafinux is because my name is too common to use on most forums and Cafinux best describes me as a user of coffee and Linux in quantity.
I’m enjoying running a version 3.04 server for a few cameras which are recording some modifications to my home. So congrats you have created an excellent application here. Only problem I have had was with the install scripts for buster, but I see it is noted already. Obviously I’m just schedule recording but I would love to do a time lapse as well. Yes I have a python script somewhere, to do it but wondered if you were intending to add the feature?

We haven’t talked about this feature…:when I think time lapsed I think construction cameras that record a days worth of events in 30 minutes…but I could be wrong.

Can you tell me more about what you are thinking, what features it needs and typically the ratio of actual recording to minutes the average time lapse video would need to be?

Yes you are right the construction industry does use them. They use them for a number of reasons, not just security, but as a way to insist on health and safety requirements by sub contractors, time keeping, weather, etc. The files are vastly reduced from the full recording and can be used for PR in the finished job. I think they started with the PR thing with Government money spending, but found them useful for a host of other reasons. They were impressed with how sparse the frame rate could be but retain good information.
The script I played with could just rip off a series of recording files taking one frame in so many, but I think you could do it by time too.


What are the average video lengths for a 8 hour or 24 hour video? How many frames are typically saved per hour or minute?

I’ll do some finding out.