The new app has a lot of critical bugs - so far so good?

I found some features don’t work at all, don’t work stable or not comfortable for use.
Do you know about this, and these problems are just still in the work, or may be i found something you can’t reproduce on your system?
(sorry for my english (if that’s the case), =))

Timeline view:

  1. If i checkbox a camera, i can’t turn it off. Once you click to select a camera, the checkbox can’t be unchecked.
  2. I can see only last 4 hours of recorded events on timeline. Only for last day.
  3. Events are not continuous, there are “holes” between recorded files.
  4. No scrollbar to move the timeline.

    (all this same on windows 10 and android 13)

Screens view:

  1. (android) Unable to switch views. When tap on view name, get a pop-up menu (“Edit layout” etc.). “Open in new window” does nothing.
  2. Top android system bar overlaps Bluecherry interface top buttons.
  3. If app was sent to background, no connection after you switch into it again, cameras displays “loading” and i have to kill app and restart it again for reconnect.

Direct Camera view:

  1. Forcing rotate tablet view into vertical. (I use tablet in landscape)
    (same for Add Server view)

With superficial use, that’s all the problems found so far. I will add more as I find them.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback, it is really helpful.

The new app is still in beta, so issues are likely to happen. Still, the app is under active development and the reported issues shall be fixed by the next release!

See #150 for more info on the current progress for this ticket

  1. Events are not continuous, there are “holes” between recorded files.

These “holes” are called gaps. Events are recorded at different times, which are displayed accordingly in the timeline. You can use the finger to jump to the event in the desired time span. For now, we do not automatically jump to the next event if no event is playing. Definitely something to look into in the near future

These events are actually my recordings. My cameras are set to record continuously 24/7, so there should be no gaps. If I click on that gap, I can see that there are no recordings at that time:

But they do exist and are visible in the old application:

Thanks for the clarification! We will investigate this issue deeper and report back :grinning:

Hello! We have published a new version that should have this issue fixed.

Could you please try it and let me know?