Supported GPU list?

Hello, is there some kind of guide or info on what Graphics cards are supported? My server motherboard doesn’t support Intel HD Graphics. Although it was a high-end board in its time, it is now going 12 years old. Still, with 2x 6-core Xeon CPUs, 64 GB of RAM (upgradable to 192 GB), and 2x Mini-SAS ports, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading the board any time soon.

I could probably stand to add a GPU though.

P.S.: I am quite surprised to discover that my Doorbell Camera has an undocumented RTSP server. Getting it setup with BlueCherry has kept me busy while I wait for my IP camera to arrive in the mail. It’s only been 16 days since I ordered it. Now, I just wish I knew what’s going on with the doorbell transformer and wiring - something is causing the voltage to fluctuate periodically.

Currently supported GPU are Intel internal GPUs…which for your case :frowning:

Would your BlueCherry solo6x10 card be useful here?? Do you still sell them?

To answer my own question: the bluecherry h264 card appears to be an analog capture card for old CCTV cameras, not a video accelerator coprocessor as I had thought.

That is correct. It supported decoding and encoding, but only at 720x480