Supported GPU list?

Hello, is there some kind of guide or info on what Graphics cards are supported? My server motherboard doesn’t support Intel HD Graphics. Although it was a high-end board in its time, it is now going 12 years old. Still, with 2x 6-core Xeon CPUs, 64 GB of RAM (upgradable to 192 GB), and 2x Mini-SAS ports, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading the board any time soon.

I could probably stand to add a GPU though.

P.S.: I am quite surprised to discover that my Doorbell Camera has an undocumented RTSP server. Getting it setup with BlueCherry has kept me busy while I wait for my IP camera to arrive in the mail. It’s only been 16 days since I ordered it. Now, I just wish I knew what’s going on with the doorbell transformer and wiring - something is causing the voltage to fluctuate periodically.

Currently supported GPU are Intel internal GPUs…which for your case :frowning:

Would your BlueCherry solo6x10 card be useful here?? Do you still sell them?

To answer my own question: the bluecherry h264 card appears to be an analog capture card for old CCTV cameras, not a video accelerator coprocessor as I had thought.

That is correct. It supported decoding and encoding, but only at 720x480

Hello, I am looking up some things, A Dedicated Intel Graphics Card, Intel DG1 Iris Xe - one made by Asus, dedicated video card, I found a YouTube video about it. Looks like if I am reading right, you can put GPU cards using the Intel GPU to add into the computer. I have not found any specific brand, sourcing or pricing. I assume if you found such a card it would then be worth putting in and using? I Just bought the 20 Camera License of the 3.0 version. and building my DVR on an old HP DL380 Gen 7. I too was thinking of buying a basic $150 range GPU card based on Nvidia chip set. If I read right adding say Nvidia GPU card like a GT710 or GT1030 will not make much difference.

So Curtis, does any type of GPU video card make any difference to the recording or give any benefit with the I.P. cameras? I can see if you are on the Ubuntu GUI desktop that maybe a Nvidia GPU card might just make the Ubuntu desktop and video view maybe better than say the VGA 32 meg built on video on the server motherboard. Any suggestions?
I plan to run headless on the server, but have the GUI loaded for when I might work directly in a GUI on the DVR.


To the best of my knowledge, those PCIe iris cards require a compatible motherboard. Most motherboards are not compatible.

For the server a GPU won’t matter much, we can make use of a VAAPI supported for sub streaming (if not provided in the camera settings) but it is not used for motion detection.

For the client, we can make use of GPU encoding. Linux support for Intel is the best, followed by nvidia using the NVIDIA driver (I’ve had mixed experience with the open source nvidia driver).