Stream not found after update mobile application

hello after updating the application on mobile for iOS,
I no longer have the feed from my cameras. it says (stream not found) do you have a solution?

Are you using Version 3? Is the camera viewable in the regular client or web interface?

I’m on version 2… and it works fine on client and web version. and it works on old version of app too. but with the app update it no longer works.

no solution for me ???

The new client works with Version 3 specifically. Can you upgrade to Version 3?

I have the license for version 2. do I still have to pay for the version 3 license?

Hello after checking I am in version 3 and it still does not work !!!

Are ports 7001 AND 7002 open?

yes the ports are open

There must be a configuration issue on your end then. If you want us to look into this PM the login details.

hello everything is ok I removed the cameras and put them back it works thank you for your help :grinning:

Thanks for the update!