Strategy to find video events on Continous record?

I apologize for barging in like this. I have a 2012 HP Proliant running 3.0.4. My CPU use was 95%. I went to continuous recording which solved the CPU usage problem. And BlueCherry just lies now.

What is the strategy to search for an event now that everything is recorded from 6 am to 6pm Mon- Fri in 15 minute files?

(Not a BC question)
Do I need to turn the time and date on per camera as an OSD maybe?

Are recorded 15 minute files indexed to be searchable by time and date?

Any advantage to 5 minute clips?
(No 15 minutes is the shortest video)



Currently we do not support motion markers on continuous recording.

Does your cameras support ONVIF? If so, you can look at upgrading to v3 and I can provide you instructions on using ONVIF motion detection (camera side motion detection).

Hi Curtis!
I am hoping BlueCherry is so darn big that you don’t recall that we have messaged a few times in the past. All I can say is bravo!!! BlueCherry has saved my ass countless time. I am at a k-12 school district and have moved all surveillance to BC. I have a ton of camera licensing. I am not looking back. I run 3.0.4 now so going ONVIF for motion is possible. I run a mixed bag of Axis, Hikivision, and Bosch b/w. For a school district the ability to have the same system in 4 locations is gold. One cool thing I do, I have the BC linux client on a host that our local police can access remotely. They can view events and cams all over my campus if needed. I will look into ONVIF.

A question from a principal - can’t I just play the video and watch the entire thing?

They don’t want to keep loading a clip at a motion event. BUT now they can. Download a 15 minute clip that falls with in the time needed and watch it. Hell watch it at x2 if needed.

Thanks again.


Awesome! I’m glad that you are happy and everything is working well. Make sure to look into our mobile app -

This document covers ONVIF motion triggering: ONVIF motion event triggering — Bluecherry 2.8 documentation

Is it possible to use both continous and motion, like it was on Ubiquiti client i used before? I have old cameras without ONVIF. With Ubiquiti i has ability to watch any time i need in continous records and select motion events separately. I guess there is no need extra space for motion detected parts, if we have all-time continous record. We need only timecode markers when motion has been detected, and in fact you already have all this in Bluecherry server onboard.
I mean, instead of recording only motion videos, we could record all videos, and record motion events in timeline. It could be great feature.

I completely understand the need. This is something we plan to do and I agree something that is needed.

Hopefully we can add this in the next few months once we get v3.1 shipped and out of beta.