Status_server fail

I have an Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS that ran bc successfully until a few months ago. The system is fully updated. I had compiled and installed v3-beta but the client would would not stream from it. I then parked it for a while.

I recently returned to it and I purged bc completely, including the mysql user, and pull from stable for a clean install of stable from your archive.

I then ran into this:
Aug 30 12:02:37 ubuntu2 bc-server[12784]: E(): Binding to /tmp/bluecherry_status failed
Aug 30 12:02:37 ubuntu2 bc-server[12784]: E(): Failed to bind to socket /tmp/bluecherry_status
Aug 30 12:02:37 ubuntu2 bc-server[12784]: E(): Failed to setup the status server

I note that there was no error for bluecherry_trigger, which the code also attempts to bind and the code comment suggests it is a duplicate, sort of, of the server_status call. However as far as I can see that is called after status_serve->reconfigure so it probably never got to it.

I don’t have SELinux running, but do have AppArmor. I only mention this because I have read that SEL can block bind attempts if not setup rorrectly.

The install was run as sudo and otherwise vanilla.

I have not yet purged and tried with unstable but will as soon as I am able.

Strange, I’ve never seen this before . Does /tmp/bluecherry_status exist? Can you verify (I know you said this was a clean install) that no other bc-server is running?

ps aux |grep bc-server

Yes, both /tmp/blucherry_status and /tmp/blucherry_trigger exist.
They are both owned by root/root and srwxrwx—.

ps -efl |grep bc shows nothing running

service --status-all reports

[ + ] bluecherry

service restart bluecherry puts the same errors in the log.

It makes no sense to me that it could be a permissions problem, but nothing else seems to make sense either. Still, I’m not going to sell myself as a developer. I am a hack :slight_smile: