Some questions about motion detection

Ok, so motion detection is very flaky when using ONVIF. Rarely detects large objects more than about 6 feet away from the camera during the day, but night vision detects every tiny insect that passes within 10 feet.

I’m considering changing to continuous + motion. I have a recent Intel Chipset, and am using Proxmox VE with BlueCherry in an LXC container.

  1. If I pass-through the VAAPI portion of the Intel Video, will that be of any help to the CPU for purposes of motion detection?

  2. Is it possible to use a substream for motion detection, while using the main stream for recording and live streaming?

  3. Is there an easy rule of thumb, etc. for knowing what the various motion-related settings actually do? Like, how each one affects the kinds of motion detected?

  4. Finally, do the Desktop and Mobile clients have the logic finished to be able to grab motion events when Continuous + Motion setting is set for that camera?

I suppose the best answer to the above is: try and see!

  1. Passing through the intel video is possible, and I believe it is helping. Wouldn’t know for sure without disabling that feature.

  2. No

  3. No.

  4. Desktop client does support continuous+motion. Mobile client is still in beta, and will hopefully add event filtering later.