"Smart Home" IoT systems integration

Is it possible to connect Bluecherry DVR with some Smart Home like Smart Life, Google Home, and other IoT systems?

Not directly. We have webhooks that can be sent for different events and some basic triggering for recording.

Which smart home are you using?

Right now, I’m just at the beginning of my system selection journey.
I have a couple of devices from Ali that run the Smart Life app and Digma (from there you can link to Google Home and Yandex Alisa). So far they are just smart relays that turn on the pump and lights.
I’m now planning on getting a smart call button at the entry gate, and it would be interesting to create an event to get an image from one of the Bluecherry cameras when the button is pressed at the gate.
In the Smart Life app there is a choice of NVR/DVRs, but as far as I understand these are some special devices for this system.
I think in 2023 this integration option would be of interest to many and possibly gain new users.

I also have looked into SmartHome/IoT integrations.
It might not bother some, but I don’t care for so called “cloud” solutions. While they usually work, they are actually just someone else’s server. That may seem fine on the surface, but it raises the question, “what logs are they keeping”. If logs are indeed kept, these companies could know when/whether you’re home or gone, your GPS location at a given time, and more.

Long story short, I switched to Home Assistant. I have not tried tying it to BlueCherry, but it’s a great FOSS project. You can run their prebuilt Operating System, or go with a docker container as you like. At least look it up on youtube if you haven’t come across it yet.

Also, the people behind HA also manage the ESPhome project, which allows people to flash many existing IoT devices with custom firmware, allowing them to break free of the cloud, and replace that with local control. I mean, heaven forbid your IoT company goes under and they take their servers offline…