Slow playback in client

after opening the recordings and viewing a few of them, the max playback speed seems to be actually limited to half speed. they can be slowed further but not speed up. i think that the file processing doesn’t cancel on the server-side even when the client is closed down. we are running version 3x on the server, and the latest clients. the servers themselves don’t seem to be having r.a.m or c.p.u issues though if i bothered to check i’d bet the drives were maxed out.

is this a known issue? are there any tests you’d like me to run? the problem is easy to recreate.

Confirm same issue. Looks like it’s not server-side problem, because of video loading while playing back. Even when it fully loaded into client program cache, maximum playback speed is 2X even if set to 4X or more. This problem now with server version 3, and it was also with 2.* versions. I beleive it’s client trouble.

Okay, I’m putting this on hold for now. We are migrating to Qt 5 and during the migration a newer version of the underlining libraries might solve this. If not, we will open this back up.