Server process stopped

My lubuntu bluecherry server says “Server process stopped”.
Anybody can help me with this?
How can I start this process?

Thanks in advance

At the command prompt you should be able to do:

sudo service bluech[TAB]

which should fill in the rest of the name for the service then add the word start at the end and press enter.

I don’t remember the service name off hand (not in front of my box) but it might look something like:

sudo service bluecherry start


sudo service bluecherrydvr start

You can also do:

service --status-all

which will list all of the services on your system and show what is running and what isn’t - as well as the proper name for the service (you should be able to find the bluecherry service listed in there).

If BC crashes again, you’ll probably want to look in your logs to see what might be happening.

ps if your system has systemd you might want to use systemctl instead of service.

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Please check logs, maybe server process crashed.

Server process can be restarted this way:

sudo /etc/init.d/bluecherry restart

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Thank you so much!
It’s working now.