Server on Raspbery Pi?


I’ve been using BlueCherry for some years now on a Minix NEO Z83-4 “MiniPC” running Ubuntu, with several IP cameras, and it has worked well.

Maybe it’s a silly question, but the new Raspberry Pi 4 is more capable than previous devices, with true Gb ethernet and USB3. Has anyone tried to run the BlueCherry server on a Pi?
Also, could it use the Raspberry Pi’s own camera?


It is theoretically possible to run the Bluecherry server on Raspberry Pi boards, but there are no official builds for Raspberry Pi hardware.


i was thinking of doing something like that myself
but when i try on an older RPI board … i got compile errors

but waiting on the RPI4 to come and i will have a look again

but also try looking at low power intel SOC board …
they cost twice as much as the RPI4 but its just a simple installation job


got my RPI4 … will start to work on getting the code to compile and see how it goes … will post later on today with what is happening


How are things going?