Select all or less area for Motion Detection affect CPU load?


I think I know the answer or understand the operation but wanted to know. So when you are setting up the areas for motion detection, I assume if you tag 100% of the view it will add more CPU load than if you shade in say 50% of the area. I assume the less area you shade for motion detection the less harder the CPU has to work for per camera view? Is that how it works?

I have 18 cameras and most of them I have maybe about 50% shaded and a few 100% shaded. I think the average sensitivity has been selected, its the middle blue option, is good enough.
When I have that set, I can not log into the web interface. It times out. My DVR is Vitalized with 8 cores, 16GB ram and EXSI Host shows the DVR using 100% of the 8 cores. I literally have to power off the cameras and then reboot the server so I can then web into it and check things. I will have to go back and look at OVINF settings and try to configure for that. I have several generic brands of I.P. cameras sadly so that can be a challenge.

But just wondered if having less selected would make some difference or not on the CPU?

The problem you are having is NOT related to motion detection, it is related to a bug in the web UI. To solve this problem simply run:

sudo service bluecherry restart

There is little difference between 100% and 50% motion detection, we still scan the entire image for motion.

Thank you for clearing that up. I am liking the idea of continuous record, and just purchased a 8TB drive.
I am going to run with that for now and see. I might also spin up another DVR VM and play more with the motion settings and as you say when it acts up to restart the service.
Thank you.