Script that will purge DB and Recordings?

Hello, I am not very good with Data Bases and SQL / MySQL. I was wondering if anyone who had better DB and SQL skills than I might have figured a way to manually do some file and drive space cleaning on the server.
Either could a simple script be created that would let you either cleanly delete All records from the data base and delete the recordings or if script not very difficult allow for one to put in a date range. I know this seems counter to what the purpose of the DVR server is intended, I did seem to manage to clean off recordings by setting the drive space to 1%. It just takes a great bit of time for the system to process that. SO that can be a work around. Maybe in some future version update you might add that option to be able to set a date range to purge out.

I am sure I am the one off odd ball who would want that option, but just a thought to through out there.