Saving files to external drive. Help needed

I have been messing around with Bluecherry for about 3 months. Everything is set up the way I like with the exception of storage. I bought a 6TB external drive because my main drive was sitting at 95%.

I followed the instructions that popup when you try to put a specific save directory, but the app never accepts the directory. I am sure the privileges are set appropriately, but the app wont accept it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How is the file mounted (did you mount it from the command line or from gnome|kde)? Can you give the outputs of:


I mounted via gnome. I went ahead and did so via the command line and everything worked out as intended!

Thank you for the assistance!

Excellent :slight_smile: Make sure your add the mount to /etc/fstab so it mounts on startup. Always good to reboot and test it :wink:

Everything has been running solid for 10 days! Greatly appreciate it

Great! If you haven’t ready consider purchasing a support license!