Retention for recordings not obeyed for motion detection


I have Blue running on my ReadyNAS Pro6 with Jailbroken OS6 (6.10.2-T49 debian Jessy) on it.
Runs smooth and stable with no complains
I just cant see it cleaning up recordings…i set the threshold for keeping recording on main config page to 4 days…but what ever i set there, it does not clean up anything
So hopefully there is a fix that i just dont find, OR it is a bug and i am happy to have found it for repair in next version

Sorry, my fault…i am running version 2.8.8


I’m unable to produce this, I set the max days to 1 and the server started deleting old events and I can’t playback anything older then 24 hours. Are you sure bc-server has delete access to the files?




I checked for rights and just gave the folders the full 777 rights and all the sudden, at least the content of the folders disapeared…
Now only the folder structure stays…lets see how much that bugs me… :slight_smile:
Thx so much…