Recording video length and frequency

So, I noticed early on that my 3 Amcrest Cameras record in BC 3 every 10 minutes like clockwork, whenever it’s set to Onvif trigger events. Are the cameras sending Onvif events every 10 minutes exactly? There is usually 0 motion when they occur.

Also, no matter whether it is set to Onvif trigger or regular motion sense, the recordings stop after about 3 seconds. If I change the post recording length to be, say 5 seconds, then all recordings stop after 5 seconds. If I have 3 minutes straight of motion, I only get the first several seconds of the video. What’s going on?

I’ve been meaning to report this for several months now, but am just taking the time to do so.

I do like the program, the interface, and the features in general. These items are kind of annoying though.