Recommended OS for Beta

What is the recommended distro/release for the Beta Release of BlueCherry? If someone was trying to setup an NVR based on BlueCherry at this point in time, would you go with the current available release or the Beta? TIA

I would go with the beta. To make sure of the GPU encoding an i3 would be sufficent.


Thanks. I ended up spinning up an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM and I’m running the current stable version. Will check out the beta asap . Liking what I see so far in the current stable BC release. Only shortcoming is the client seemingly won’t work on my Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop PC. Bit bummed about this. However, after spinning my wheels with ZoneMinder, Shinobi, and MotionEyeOS…I really like Bluecherry very much. The client/server model just feels better, and the Web UI just has a more polished and uncluttered look and feel (especially when compared to ZoneMinder and Shinobi). Hoping after spending some time with Bluecherry, I’ll decide it will become my security DVR/NVR for the long haul and I’ll do what I can to support the project (as much as possible being in the unfortunate state of unemployed at the moment). Thanks for the quick responses and great effort in development.