Pricing question

It mentions at that the free community version allows up to 4 cameras.

But Bluecherry Version 3 perpetual license (per camera) – Bluecherry mentions that it costs $40 for 4 streams.

Could you please clarify this apparent discrepancy?

The words (per camera) are also a bit confusing. Are the words “camera” and “stream” intended to represent different things?

The paid version provides a subdomain and configures SSL for you.

This means streams…if you add the same camera 4 times that counts towards 4 of your license seats

Please let me know if I understand this correctly then:

$0: 4 cameras and no subdomain+ssl
$40: 4 cameras and subdomain+ssl
$80: 8 cameras and subdomain+ssl

If this is correct, then the first $40 you pay is just for the subdomain+ssl, and doesn’t get you any additional cameras. It’s only the next $40 you pay on top of that that gets you 4 additional cameras.

What if I only wanted the 4 additional cameras without the subdomain+ssl? Can I get just the ability to monitor a total of 8 cameras without the subdomain+ssl for $40?

No. You can use the coupon code to get 25% off but the features are baked in.

That’s unfortunate. $80 for 8 cameras seems a bit steep!

This may come as a complete shock but developers like to get paid. Without developers there is no software.

:blush: No doubt! Guess what I was trying to say was that $80 puts it on par with a software like the Full Version of Blue Iris, which packs way more features.

Understood. Blue Iris has been released alot longer, so their cost to keep the software active is probably lower then ours. With the current 25% coupon the 8 channel price is $60…and the software runs in Linux and not Windows…which is important for some people.

The Linux option was my decision point. And it worked out great!

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