Preview in motion detection missing


I just setup my Ubuntu 20.4 with the latest 3.1rc5 yesterday and was copying the settings from my 3.04 version i am running right now and realized, that i dont get a picture in the motion detection part of any of my cams attached.
It showing the grid, i can mark or unmark as needed but all i get picture wise is a little broken media item symbol in upper left corner which appears and disappears with the button for show or hide background.
Thx for any ideas

Thanks, I’m looking into this.

Do you see any errors in /var/log/bluecherry.log or /var/log/nginx/bluecherry-error.log about snapshot creation failed?

ie -

E: ffmpeg snapshot creation process failed

Sorry for the late response, but my server is down, so i dont have access right now. Will post as soon i have a working machine again

I noticed my emails were doing the same thing on RC4. Noticed that the str_replace line was only set for MKV, not for MP4 as well on line 212 of www/lib/mailer.php

Added a new line and put in:

    $path_to_image = str_replace('mp4', 'jpg', $event[0]['filepath']);

And it worked for RC4, but does not seem to be working for RC5

RC5 uses .mkv instead of .mp4. Try:

$path_to_image = str_replace(‘mkv’, ‘jpg’, $event[0][‘filepath’]);