Pre/Post Buffers not working correctly


I was using 3.1.0-rc2 and just upgraded to rc3 and confirmed this is still affecting my cameras.

Both my cameras are set to 10 seconds pre and post motion. If I walk into the camera’s view for 1 second and back out, I end up with a 15-17 second clip (as seen by VLC), but bluecherry thinks it’s 22-28 seconds long. Sometimes motion stops in the middle of recording and then picks up again and neither the first clip nor the one after it has the piece of the video I’m looking for. It’s like it thinks it’s recording 10 seconds but is really only recording 5 maybe? Not sure how else to explain it.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the post. We’ve also noticed this bug and created a bug ( We have a couple commits to help better identify the problem. I hope to have it fixed in rc4 or rc5.


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