Playback issues

Noted some odd issues over the weekend. Upgraded server memory and additional storage. But saw that it hasn’t been recording maybe. But even more odd is any previous recordings give “Error loading this resource”

**Just noted that is isn’t recording today either. Even after a restart. Storage is fine, and bluecherry can see the cameras, I can see them in Live View.

Anyone else getting this issue?

Just noted another issue.
I have less than 50 cameras; 15 fps, medium quality, 1080p (2mp)
I have 32TB of storage
Bluecherry says I’ve used 80% of storage. It shows I only have 8 hours of capacity for about 50 cameras…which is weird as hell…
But it gets better. As I go into ssh, I note only like 19GB used on the mounted folder. How is that 80% of 32TB?