Permissions and storage Ubuntu 18.04LTS

I started using Bluecherry at home few weeks ago. I have 3, Chinese, unbranded, IP cameras connected to the server. I’m not IT nerd, but I managed to connect it all and make it work but I think there is a big issue with permissions (folders, drives).

I lost one day trying to connect server and external hard drive connected to USB. The problem was, when Bluecherry had an access to the drive, other users didn’t. I couldn’t get my head around it. It would be great to get some simple manual how to do it step by step.

Second problem appeared yesterday after Ubuntu update. Cameras were working, but server did not record it. Storage was shown as 33% full in my case and 0 days available. I set permissions and it didn’t helped. I created new folder, just beside “recordings” and I used the same pattern to set the permissions/owner and this time it worked. Very weird.

Can you list the permissions of the storage path?

i.e. if you used /var/lib/bluecherry/recordings use the path before:

ls -ltrc /var/lib/bluecherry