Performance on my server?

Hello. I have a home server made out of an old computer with an i5 3470, 8GB ram at 1333MHz, a 256GB SSD and a 2TB HDD. This server runs headless Ubuntu 22.04 with a dockerized media center for movies and shows, some python apps as well as a small local web server for web development. I was thinking about grabbing 2-4 IP cameras, connect them via my router to the server and have them record outside my house in case anything happens. I don’t really care about motion detection or mobile streaming, I just want to have some recordings in case someone hits my car, stuff like that. How much of a performance drop should I expect if I can run bluecherry on the server?

If you run just constant recording there is very little cpu overhead, so you will be fine with those specs.

I have a similar cpu setup with 3 cameras, Debian 10 (no docker). CPU is under 5%. 400gb partition stores 6 days of continuous recording.

How did you connect your cameras to the server with no stuff like a DVR in between or whatever else

I have a 5 port POE switch (with 3 IP cameras). Bluecherry “is” the NVR.

What internet speed (for the switch) do you need for 3 IP Cameras?