Overly Old Recordings

Most of our cameras have events going back two months, which is not anywhere near the “Storage Estimation”, but seems close to appropriate given the allotted storage and number of cameras. However, I used the command line to browse the storage folder and I found recordings going back to 2016. They don’t appear to be orphaned since SELECT MIN(time) AS time FROM EventsCam provides a date in 2016. Any thoughts on why these very old recordings are kept and how to remove them? Thanks!

What server version do you use? Did you reinstall bluecherry since 2016?

Is your storage local or network attached? There were some cases when files on network shares were not properly deleted.

Events from “EventsCam” are never deleted, but actual recording files are accounted in table “Media”.

Thanks much for your quick response.

Server version: 2.4.2
I do not believe we have done a reinstall.
Storage is local.

The 2016 recordings are not in the Media table. Is there a tool or method to remove recordings that are orphaned?

Not really, the best way would be to manually delete the old directories. Also, the latest server is 2.8.8, if you might want to backup the database and then upgrade to the latest.

I can write something to clean these up. Can you confirm it’s safe to delete any mkv or jpg in the recordings/storage folder that does not appear in the Media table?

There is a script /usr/share/bluecherry/remove_untracked_media_files.sh