Optimum record length per file?

I notice that the default record length is 15 minutes per file, is that the optimum length for performance or is that just the default setting? I had changed it to 1hr figuring it would be fewer overall files to deal with. I notice after a while on viewing multiple cams some cams will drift in terms of time (they all show an average fps of ~20 which is weird as the cameras are all set to 15fps), but some cameras will be within reason (about 1 second from current) and some cameras will be 3 or 4 seconds from current. I wasn’t sure if having changed that record length per file could be causing a problem as my test bed system is full and having to recycle space currently.

We use 15 minutes by default so instead of downloading a large file (hours long) you can only download the 15 minute section you need. There will not be any ill effect if you change the recording length to something higher.

Regarding the time drifting, are you talking about the OSD time or the actual start of the recording (hh:mm::ss)?


might be able to disregard this. I went in this morning to see if I could track down what was going on, 2 of the cameras had insanely huge NTP sync intervals (24 hours), so I’ve reduced them to see if that will fix the issue. I’ll know more tomorrow after I’ve let it sit for a while.