Optimize Memory Usage

I’ve got 53 x 1080p cameras recording continuous motion without any motion detection running

The virtual machine has 16GB of RAM and it has already spilled over a bit into the SWAP.

What is consuming this memory? Is it footage that is waiting to be written to disk?

The disk array is not being loaded to its full capacity as far as I can tell.

The disk array is mounted on the Bluecherry server using NFS with the following options:

timeo=13,intr,sync 0 0

ZFS 22 disks (combination of 11 mirrored disks) averaging 200-450 iops and 150-215 MB/s.

Although I don’t have any benchmarking information on the disk array, I have seen it run at at least 1,000 IOPS, and 22 disks can definitely than more than 200 MB/s. I assume the video footage is recorded in large chunks, so disk throughput should be more of a limiting factor than IOPS.

Network bandwidth incoming on the disk array average 150 Mbps out of a 1 Gbps LACP 2 port connection.

CPU usage is at only 15-20% of a 8 vCPUs and the virtual machine is connected via 10 Gbps to the rest of the network, so only the disk array could be the bottleneck there.

Any thoughts?

Ah now when I checked, the memory usage is down. Not sure what happened, but it’s not an issue anymore.

Thanks for the update