Noob Error - Time Zone

I’ve installed using the one liner from the site but unfortunately I overlooked setting my system time before running the script.

I have since set my Timezone and NTP with timedatectrl but cannot workout where in the GUI or Bluecherry configuration files the Time is pulled from.

Any tips on where I can go to fix this.

I’m testing out the license with my 10 camera system and this is the only thing that I need to overcome before I buy the license and upgrade from the trial.

I’m impressed with all the functions so far! It ticks all the boxes for me with Mobile access and it easily integrates with my reverse proxy.


Thanks for the comments.

The server inserts the events into the mysql database from whatever the local time is. Can you verify the server time is correct?

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Thanks for the reply, yea, looks like everything is in the right time now since setting the timezone and system time on the system.

Just wasn’t sure if there was somewhere else that I had to change it in a config file etc.