No mails can be sent using authentication

Good morning

Hoped this would be better now with 3.0.4, but…
Still not able to send any mail through my mail server…always tells me:

E: authentication failure [SMTP: SMTP server does not support authentication.

And yes…my mail server supports authentication…even my laser printer can send mails through it…
Just a regular postfix installation accepting connections through port 25, 465 and submission port 587.

All I see in the mail logs is a connection attempt and then a disconnect…

thanks in advance

I created a bug here for this -

This should be fixed in 3.0.5 - Mail Notification Settings UI & Mail Sender Library Upgrade by curtishall · Pull Request #398 · bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-apps · GitHub

@davorin Are you using Debian / Ubuntu? Which distribution release?


i have the same error. (Debian 10 Bluecherry-Server)

I have a sophos mail-gateway and have enabled relaying for BC-Server.

With or without authentification and with or without SSL/TLS activated i get an error.
Every device in my network is mailing through this relay without problems.

I normally dont need authentication or TLS but it is possible.
I’m waiting then for 3.0.5


You can git clone GitHub - bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-apps: Bluecherry surveillance system (server application) and copy www/ to your installation directory (/usr/share/bluecherry/), this way you can test the changes that will be released in 3.0.5.

with 3.0.5 e-mail is working.

Thank you for the hint.

But the “Event Screenshot” isnt working. I see only an “Url-Error”

Screenshot - 2021-03-07 00_09_09

(Will the Event screenshot only be the first Image of the recording or is there a delay? Lets say the 50 or 100 Image in the recording)

Delay would be good
because if the recording is starting (for example a person is getting in the view of my cam (the reason for the event)) the person is to far away (or in my case not even visible because of 4 seconds pre-event-buffer) to be on the Event Screenshot.
I hope i could clearly explain what i mean (i’m not good in explaining in english :))


Okay, this was reported on chat by @Kyle, we’ll look into it this week


There is a 1000 ms delay from the start of the recording - bluecherry-apps/recorder.cpp at cb5e6d7564f4f900e37ca8640868786982a7a9ea · bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-apps · GitHub