No i386 since 3.0.1


is there a particular reason, that the i386 packages have been omitted post 3.0.1 ?


Most of our users are using amd64 builds now. Which CPU are you using that requires i386?


The box I’m running Bluecherry on is an older low profile rackmount unit, that fits in a wallmount cabinet.

And well … it’s a good old Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.93GHz :slight_smile:



I feel your pain its unfortunate that i386 support has been dropped as there are still several usecases that old hardware is perfectly fine. I acquired a number of old enterprise network security appliances that ran a fanless celeron 600 and 1GB ram they made great low cost low power pfsense boxes that I could drop into a customers environment as a nat’d OPEN VPN server for me to have access into their network for remote support. This worked great until PFsense then OPNsense dropped i386 support as a result of it being dropped by BSD. Most OS’s have now dropped it and there is plenty of low cost x64 hardware available. But it still sucks that I have perfectly good hardware that are now paperweights, it seems so wasteful.But unfortunately running new secure OS releases trumps sustainability.

We’ll work on i386 releases :slight_smile:

@Zenon1823 @Marlow Which distro are you using? I’ll build 3.0.4 i386 packages this weekend.

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which is the last 32-bit Ubuntu, that’ll be available.

Much appreciated.

Hopefully, that’ll fix some of the issues with my Reolink RLC-810A cams.


Sorry if I mislead I dont have any particular usecase for running bluecherry on i386 hardware. Mine are all virtualized in ESX. I responded with feeling Marlows pain because in the last year Ive run into several other mainstream linux tools/applications/OS releases that have dropped i386 support. And those tools I was still running on perfectly happy i386 hardware.

If needed 1804 would most likely be my choice at this point. Although its the last ubuntu LTS with i386 it is supported until 2023. Personally I prefer centos over ubuntu, but with the latest drama in that world I haven’t yet decided which flavor to migrate my centos to, and centos dropped i386 some time back too.