NextCloucd or OwnCloud

Is there a way to save my motion recordings to Webdav? Not too much discussion about external storage. Thanks in advance.

If you can mount it we can write to it assuming bc-server has permissions to write and read to the storage path.

Older link, but this should help get you started to mount WebDAV.

Thank you for the reply. Is this post assuming that the webdav share is on the same server as the bluecherry install? I have nextcloud on a seperate server. I followed the instructions on my bluecherry install. I get this : /sbin/mount.davfs: connection timed out two times;
trying one last time
/sbin/mount.davfs: server temporarily unreachable;
mounting anyway

Firewall Issue?

Could be, I’ve never messed with mounting a WebDAV before. Can you ping the WebDAV server? You might run iptables or ipfw to see if you have any firewall rules in place.