New Mobile client repeated crash iOS 16 beta

The new mobile client seems to crash every time I close it. I’ve been sending the crash reports via Apple. Just wanted to make sure the Devs are receiving them. Note that it occurs every time I close the app, not task switch it to the background.

I realize this is probably because I’m on a beta OS version.

Now, a question: Should I continue sending bug reports, so you have more info/context, or stop, so I don’t overwhelm you with redundant info?

You only need to send crash reports if using different hardware (iPad / iPhone / etc) or different iOS versions.

I do see your reports (thank you) and a couple others all using iOS 16. Being that iOS 16 still isn’t production ready we’ll try to track down the problem.

Please keep upgrading to the new versions as they are release of iOS 16 beta and let me know if the crashes continue on this thread.