Motion detection CPU -usage

it’s been a long time when I last tested Bluecherry, but have you implemented possibility to do server side motion detection only on stream keyframes? This is by far the best way to reduce CPU load when doing server side motion detection and because I have many cameras that need server side motion detection, this feature is basically a must for me.

Of course there are other ways of reducing load, motion detection on substream etc, but usually cameras support setting custom keyframe interval, so it can be set per camera basis.

Also some software are only showing keyframes when there is no movement detected and when movement is detected then live view is working as per normal until movement stops etc.

We are working on ONVIF support for motion detection in version 3, but I don’t have a good ETA on when that will be ready.

Version 3 currently uses VAAPI to reduce CPU for the client and sending a sub stream it does not use the sub stream for motion detection (currently).


Keyframe intervals on ip cameras can be too long to pick up motion, I think my Sony cam is something like 2s by default (can be changed to 1 to 5), my Lorex is 2s (fixed). 2s is just too short.

Motion detection on substream would be interesting, I currently use 720p 5fps high image quality substreams on several cameras, would be perfect for motion.

ONVIF motion detection events are useful on more expensive cameras with good motion detection settings (Axis), and since those are probably more likely to have higher framerates that will be a useful feature

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