Motion Always Triggering

I have a 3 MP IP cam (6 IR) that I use with BluecherryDVR. I can’t seem to get it to stop triggering on motion detection. My older 0.8 MP cameras work as expected (motion triggers only when motion present). Here are some Bluecherry settings for the 3 MP cam:

  • Schedule: motion (always) (both local and global)
  • Motion algorithm: Experimental
  • Scale down factor: 0.125
  • Min percent area: 7%
  • Masking: Yes (about 1/3 of feed is processed, mostly pavement, no plants or grasses)

The on-camera settings are basically default: VBR, 3 MP, auto IR switching. DWDR is off and I turned down the AGC from 50 to 10.

I’m guessing it is due to the high pixel count and slight shifting of pixels during image processing. Any clues on how I could fix this?


Just tried to reproduce when i recogniced, tat you missed to mention the version of BC u are using…
By the install script it gives you 2.8.6 but i am on 2.8.8…so please sahre that info please…and what system you are on…

I am on BC server v2.8.0. OS details:

Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa
Kernel 3.19.0-32-generic

Thanks for looking into this.

Where did you get this “old” version?
Before you troubleshoot, i would recommend getting at LEAST to 2.8.6 or even 2.8.8…
compiling it yourself is pretty straight forward or you gat the 2.8.8/2.8.6 from the bash script

I am running it on a machine with Linux Mint 17.3 which is based on Ubuntu 14.04. I had issues upgrading this machine so I left it on this version. BC 2.8 is a stable release from 2017. I didn’t see any changes between v2.8 and 2.8.8 in the BC Server changelog that would affect this problem. Can you test it on a newer server anyways? Thanks for your time.

try changing the i-frame interval on the camera web config. make it 5 to 10 frames. The i-frame is the number of frames between the camera sending an entire frame top to bottom. between the i-frames it sends partal frames. I ran into my cameras artifacts shifting or pixilating between the i-frames causing the motion detection to trigger. Once I lowered it false positives dropped dramatically.

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Wow! That actually worked. Now my camera isn’t bloating my server HD with video constantly. Thank you so much!