Missing the last 15 minutes recording

My bluecherry was installed on crashed vehicle. The server it self is still working and in a good condition. But the continuous video that was recorded during crash was not completed. The last 15 minutes recording that should be the time period when crash happened is missing.
I used default server configuration with15 minutes continuous recording per each file with custom folder storage destination.
My question is, what will actually happen when the server stopped accidentally before it’s completed the 15 minutes recording?
Is there any buffering process before mkv files are converted completely? Is it possible to recover the 15 minutes recording as I need this recording to perform crash investigation.

Thank you


If the file remains on the bluecherry server (and the mysql database has the event) when you restart the service it should detect the file wasn’t saved properly and fix it.

If that isn’t an option let me know and I’ll send you a command to fix it.

Dear Curtishall,

I tried to find the file and the record on mysql but none of the particularly record found.

Would you please share the command to fix it?

Is it possible to set the periode of recording less than 15 minutes?
The 15 minutes periode will be too risky if this accident/crash happen in the future?
Do you have any suggestion regarding this concern?

Thank you so much for the support



Can you send me a link to the video file and I’ll look at it for you?