MacOS 11.4 client does not open

I really don’t know where to look. I downloaded the client posted on downloads as of 7-11-21 and opened it (accept the risk, not signed message from apple) I drag it into my applications. I double click it and it just bounces in my dock. I let it bounce for about 2 hours 1 time and my laptop sounded like a jet plane. Where could I find a log to post? What information would you want to help see what the issue is?

Is this on a x86 or Apple Silicon (ie - M1) mac?

Spun up a VM to test, client hangs on my VM consuming 100% cpu.

budg@Mac-Pro MacOS % ./bluecherry-client
0 audio devices detected by SDL audio subsystem
AudioPlayer: setting sample format to s16 channels: 2 sample rate: 44100
AudioPlayer: failed to open audio device - CoreAudio error (AudioDeviceGetProperty (kAudioDevicePropertyDeviceIsAlive)): 560947818
void UpdateChecker::performVersionCheck() Performing update check