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I am going to prepare a fresh Linux environment as per the latest “Linux From Scratch” (LFS) book guidelines. My goal is to prepare an operating system tailored specifically for running Bluecherry Server.

Could someone please inform me of the requirements and dependencies that I should be aware of and build into this environment to provide, for lack of a better explanation, a perfect environment for running Bluecherry Server?

I would like to tailor an environment for the server first, and a separate one for the client if needed, or if there would be a benefit in doing so.

I appreciate guidance on this. I’ll release the final result in hopes it might be helpful to the community. It will essentially be a turn-key environment for Bluecherry, although I’m not really sure I want to use the word “distro” or “distribution”, however. My personal goals are to take advantage of compiling for the target hardware architecture, as well as the plethora of benefits of running a host system set up for a specific purpose(s).

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You need to use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

OK, just the default install, or should I add anything extra?

Stock install of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server, Downloads – Bluecherry has the one line copy / paste install link.

22.04 isn’t currently supported yet.

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I would think a fresh install since the installer grabs all the needed packages.

That’s how I usually test things, keep it simple to start.

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