License/Trial Confusion/Bug

Hello, I recently was in the process of setting up my new server and I did a backup of my bluecherry config via the web interface on the server it was on, and then restored the config on the new server.

Everything works, except, under Licenses, it shows 0ports with my license key which is supposed to be four ports, and used to show properly on the old server. I also got a message that the trial was tampered with or something (at the top of the web interface) and I clicked it and now it says 29 days left of the trial and still shows my license key as having 0 ports? Very confused and would like to get this figured out.

I have 4 IP cameras right now and plan to use more (which I believe with my 4cam license I can have 8 if I understand correctly?).

Sorry for the confusion. v2 license keys will not work with v3 (license keys are perpetual for the major release cycle).

What happened is a bug. During the database upgrade the v2 license was kept in the Licenses table. The licensing saw this key existed and tried to authenticate against it which failed. We will have this fixed in rc3.

mysql -u bluecherry -p bluecherry -e "truncate Licenses"

You can find the user / password for mysql in /etc/bluecherry.conf:

sudo cat /etc/bluecherry.conf

So I need to purchase a new license as well?

You can try the demo for 30 days. There is a 50% discount code for customers upgrading from v2 to v3