License issue: perpetual license "expired"

This is similar to a recent thread but not identical, so I thought it best to start a new thread.

I have a $50 license purchased in August 2020. Recently, the Web UI reports “The trial has expired or system time has been tampered with. Ensure your date and time settings are correct. If your date and time settings are correct, please buy the license and activate this application.”

I’m not using a trial license and the system time is correct. Attempting to deactivate the license (so I could try and activate it again) fails with “Operation failed” and the log records “Deactivating license failed (Error code: 1)”.

Advice welcome!

I had the exact same issue when I changed my cpu/ram configuration. Essentially the machine fingerprint has changed.

Recently manually fixed by deleting the license table and reauthorising. The reauth will only work though once the admins reset your license code (else it will say it is already in use).

I will let Curtis reply back in that regard.

FYI, the command to clear your license tables is:

sudo mysql -u bluecherry -p bluecherry -e "DELETE FROM Licenses"

But as before you won’t be able to reauthorise without the license being reset to do so.

Thank you for the advice. I can’t see any reason why the machine fingerprint should have changed in my case; nothing in the hardware has been changed since Bluecherry was first installed. So perhaps there’s another reason for this failure.

I’ve successfully cleared the license using the suggested mysql command and an attempt to re-activate it failed as expected with “invalid license key”. So I’ll need to wait for it to be reset.

A couple of observations if I may: the warning about “tampering” is rather unfriendly - perhaps this could be reworded? - and the “error code: 1” message when attempting to deactivate the license is particularly unhelpful.

Either PM or email with the license key and we can reset it for you.

To conclude this and for the information of other readers:

When I purchased the license last year, I was running the version 3 beta Bluecherry and intended the license to be useable for that version. Unknown to me, Bluecherry were issuing version 2 licenses at that time and that is what I was given. It appeared to work with V3 (although I’ve never used more than four cameras so a license wasn’t strictly necessary), until recently when the “license expired” banner appeared.

This has now been sorted and I’m now running a properly licensed version. I’d like to thank Curtis for his response to this issue.