Is the website down?

So, not sure if this belongs here, couldn’t find another place to post. But, was going to the website to purchase a license, and noted the website was fully down. Tried from a different connection as well, still nothing. Any ideas on when the site will be back up? Trial runs out soon and want to get a license installed before then.

Sorry about that, there was a DNS redirection failure, it is resolved now.

Website is down again.
Getting an http 403 error from something called cloudways saying something isn’t authorized to use their site.

DNS has been updated…this should be the final issue.

Still showing as down.

Works for me

Site is, not Your screenshot above shows you trying to access the wrong site.

Mr. Hall,
Your site is up, but wanted to point out a small, easily-overlooked detail: Site comes up fine when browsing to www. , however trying to access bluecherrydvr .com WITHOUT the www. gives a certificate error: the cert presented is for www. even when not specifying any subdomain at all. If I accept the bad cert, your site correctly redirects me to www. subdomain.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up.

And now I’m showing that has an expired ssl cert.

Expired cert is fixed.

Yes, thank you. I noticed that about an hour ago.