Is the server Multithreaded?

Hi all,
I was wondering if BlueCherry (pre 3.x) is actually multithreaded? My system is off right now (getting some new hardware), but it seemed in the web interface it was showing a high CPU usage yet in the actual OS it seemed like BC was just using the majority of a single core (this was a 6 core AMD system).

I heard the coming release will support GPU for playback to reduce CPU usage. When I use the app to playback, cpu usage is negligible.

I don’t think the app is multithreaded, at least I could not find any configuration file to assign physical cores. It is easy to use multi threading when you virtualize it. I m running it on ESXi, I m getting advantage of CPU scheduling and I m using all the cores available. It is well balanced!

Yes, both Bluecherry server and client are multithreaded from the first released version, otherwise they would be unable to handle expected load