Installing or configuring a Reidubo Camera

Hello, I hope this might be a good forum topic area to post this. Or maybe make another topic section for just I.P. Cameras so as us user buy and test and figure out various brands of I.P. cameras to make them work with the DVR we can post the needed camera information in that specific topic area. Anyway I have purchased another Chinese camera from / off Amazon. Brand is Reidubo 2k PTZ Poe camera. HD 4mega pixel. Noted it is compatible with Hikvision. It pans and tilts, but did not seem to get the zoom to work and I don’t think it had zoom anyway. Zoom was not important for me. My requirement was the pan and tilt and be able to run off of the Cisco 48volts POE. Which is does. With a combination of things I was able to get it figured out and working with Bluecherry DVR (I am running version 3.0). But to save people some time I will list the key settings to help you get it configured with the DVR. Its factory default settings are DHCP, login is admin and password is: (NULL) none needed. I had to set a password to get it to configure with Bluecherry.

I did take screen shots of the web management of the camera and will in time put that into a document. Provided document is for the most part useless, and you have to web into it and look at all the screens to see defaults and what settings are available.

Medial port is: 34567
HTTP port is: 80
ONVIF port is: 8899
(I had to set the ONVIF port number in the Bluecherry DVR under the camera set up so it know what port to probe on and was found and configured settings with the config tool)
RTSP port is 554

And the all important PATH to RTSP:
Main stream:

Sub Stream:

Again after I set the password and put in the 8899 for the ONVIF port, and let the DVR try to probe and figure out things, that is what patch was found and set for the camera. I am not sure if the nTBCS changes depending on what you set for password.

Again I had selected the generic I.P. camera and used the DVR tools to try to probe and configure the camera. It found and if I might use the phrase “it auto configured” the camera fine.
Camera has many nice features including Mic and Speaker, as well as built in flood lights besides the infra red ones. I have many cameras up high and if I need to adjust them it pull out the ladder and manually adjust them, so that’s why I am looking at the pan and tilt cameras, zoom be nice, don’t really have use for zoom other than for just a one time position and pointing the camera after being put up. I think you need to use their little recording software or maybe put the camera into motion detect mode for the little regular LED lights to come on. Their recording software I used to help figure out camera was a beta version. The camera has a application / plug in that needs to be downloaded and installed for the camera access via web browser login. Will be replacing all of my current I.P. cameras with ones that run directly off the Cisco’s 48vdc POE. All my cameras need power injectors and want to take them out of the loop. Should anyone buy this model camera or brand, hope this helps in making it easy to set up. The manual that comes with them has no real technical detail and you need to web into it to actually check the settings and ports.

Thanks for the detailed post!