Initiating manual recording


I’m missing an important function. There is no option to start immediate record on a camera! I can take a snapshot, but its not enough. The same way there should be an option to start and stop recording manually.

We do support triggering:

Trigger recording:


Camera must be set to Trigger (‘T’) in the recording schedule. Description will show in the logs that a trigger was recording with the description you inserted.

I did set the schedule for the cam to Trigger for the whole timeframe, so now its yellow.
I edited your example line:
But it says Error 500, not working. Also tried the URL with …camera_id=1&description=TEST but same error. IP is ok, port is also ok.
But when i change the schedule from Motion to Trigger, than it will only record on manual triggering, and motion detection is switched off, right? If yes, than its not okay.
I think they should be simple button or option on the cam to start and stop a manual trigger, as by other softwares.